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Temperature Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

The specific advantages of the TVPI® tool

• reproducible and verifiable process

• increased production workflow

• efficient and short production cycle

• drastic reduction of the production and tool costs

• closed process without emission of styrol

• minimized utilization of resin

• impregnation and curing- process in one tool and one step

• with one TVPI® tool all versions of one stator bar set can be produced (upper bar, lower bar, switch bar)
Comparison of the impregnation process

• Comparing to competing systems the resin consumption is reduced drastically

• Extensive peripherals, such as autoclaves or tempering ovens for curing the bars are not needed because the bars will be cured inside the TVPI® tool

• Parallel operation of multiple TVPI® tools in a small production area is possible

Comparison TVPI® and VPI impregnation circle

• Depending on the bar geometry, we have a fixed production cycle between 4 to 8 hours. In this case, the daily production (24 hours) of 4 to 6 bars results with one TVPI® tool

Comparison circle time stator bar set

• The impregnation time of a complete stator winding can be reduced to a minimum

Process over view TVPI® tool

• The manual effort as well as the manual cleaning process of the tool is reduced to less than 1,5 hour per impregnation of two bars

• Our experience with TVPI® shows that the tangent delta values (tanD) in comparison to the VPI-impregnation are stable in the lower tolerance

Sensor System for Impregnation

The SSI steers a fully automated impregnation process as well as the complete curing of the stator bars. It also assures continuous supervision, precise control and long-term documentation of the manufacturing process. This will minimize errors and guarantee a manufacturing process which is secured and reproducible. All process steps will be recorded and will be stored as a traceable part data base.

• All process steps (in seconds, minutes and hours) will be recorded and stored on a CF-Card

• The monitoring and control is performed on a touchpad which allows a manual control of the process

• The part data base can be generated and transferred into an existing ERP-System

• In case of expansion needs remote access will be available

• The graphical supervision of the manufacturing process will be facilitated via web interface

• The CAN-Bus system enables the connection to all interface types


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