Development - Construction - Production

The team at Pett & Pett T.I.P GmbH has specialized in the development, construction and production of special tools to meet the individual requirements of customers.

  • Development
    In addition to the temperature vacuum pressure impregnation tool TVPI® as well as the baking tool CMRR®, Pett & Pett T.I.P GmbH has developed and produced a wide range of special tools.

    Another milestone in the TVPI® technology has been reached by the development of the SSI (Sensor System for Impregnation) which was successfully installed at the beginning of 2010.
  • Construction
    The data required for single bar production and tool making is constructed by converting 2D drawings to 3D volume models (in Catia V5, STP, IGS).
  • Production
    High quality products and certified electronic, hydraulic and manual components are used in production. Third party products are made by the respective leading companies. Peripherals are selected or produced in accordance with the high standards and individual requirements of the customer. An experienced and professional team carries out assembly and construction.

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